Services/Products                                                           Fee Structure

Manuscript Critique                                                        $7 per manuscript page  Proofreading                                                                     $30 per hour 

Detailed Copyediting                                                      $35 per hour

Blog Post Revisions                                                         $35 per hour

Blog Post Creation                                                          $120 per post

Web Content Revisions                                                  $35 per hour

Web Content Creation                                                   $120 per page

Information/Brainstorming Sessions                             $60 per hour

Ghostwriting                                                                       Price Varies - Contact for quote.

If you have any questions about additional services or if you are interested in any of our listed services, contact us at info@joyfulediting.com.

Revision & Proofreading
Content Editing



Welcome to the Joyful Editing Services website. I am Erica Young, the owner and lead editor. After years of freelance editing projects, I realized helping others perfect their writing was a true passion. Over the last five years, in addition to freelance editing jobs, I have also taught undergraduate English and Literature courses, as well as proofread and edited documents for graduate students, authors, and business professionals. 


Because customer satisfaction is extremely important to me, I take very seriously, the ability to offer high quality services, uniquely tailored to each client's needs. It is my dedication to perfection that has allowed me to have repeat customers.

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Writing Tips

.Things To Remember When Writing

  • Consider your audience

  • Tense consistency matters

  • Reading your writing out loud can help you catch overlooked errors

  • Instead of using all commas, consider semi-colons and colons, when appropriate.

“Erica has been amazing, taking time and being patient when proofreading my writing projects.”


"I recently wrote my first small book study guide and was encouraged to publish it by friends. I had little knowledge on editing and publishing books and was a little apprehensive on the cost and the lengthy process it takes. I met Erica and she not only did a great job in editing my book, but she also encouraged me and worked within the time frame that I had set aside for that phase of completing my book. The service I received from Erica calmed my anxiety, was affordable, and  professional! I would recommend her to anyone especially first time writers! I plan to write more and will be using her services again." - Nicole Pritchett, Author of "Encounter"
"It was such a pleasure working with Joyful Editing Services. It's no...t often I can work with someone and love their work the first time I see it. If you are having writer's block I strongly recommend Erica Young, owner of Joyful Editing Services. She can edit your work and/or help create content for you. I look forward to working with her again in the near future." - Keaonia Shaw, Owner of Eventageous







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